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advanced drummer available

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Musician Name

Mike Moran

Looking For

A band to join.

Artist Classification

Cover Artist and Original Artist

Travel Distance

Within an hour from Long Beach, California

Weekly Availability

Weekends and Weeknights

I'm a mature, advanced musician (drummer) recently relocated to Long Beach, California and looking to form or join a 4-5 piece Classic Rock band. I have excellent drumming equipment, vintage Gretsch drums in mint condition, an extensive repertoire in Classic Rock, R&B, and Blues, and a 1-ton cargo van ready to go anywhere anytime. I can set up my drums and be ready for sound check in an hour. Call or email me if you are an advanced musician and interested in starting a new band... I'm ready, willing, and able... check out my demo songs:

GREEN RIVER - Recorded at rehearsal by Flashback-2011 classic rock band with Wayne Legreeley-lead guitar, Peter McGinn-bass guitar, and Mike Moran-drums;

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL - Live performance at Church Of the Blues, Dewdney Pub, Dewdney, BC, Canada with Les Copeland-lead guitar, James Lehmann-rhythm guitar, Andrew Isaac-bass guitar, Wayne Legreeley-keyboard, and Mike Moran-drums;

ANDREW'S SONG - Original "instrumental" recorded by Flashsback Classic Rock with Hugh Chase-lead guitar, Andrew Isaac-bass guitar, and Mike Moran-drums... also a one-minute demo video while recording Andrew's Song.

See more of Mike's demo songs at:
See more of Mike's background at:

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Primary Contact

Mike Moran, 562-432-6481

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