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Drummer Looking for work

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Musician Name

Johnny D

Looking For

Gigs, Events, Venues, etc...


Blues, Country, Jazz and Rock

Artist Classification

Cover Artist, Original Artist and Tribute Artist

Travel Distance

Any distance from Conway, Arkansas

Weekly Availability

Weekdays, Weekends and Weeknights

Desired Pay

Events: $300.00 - $1000.00, or $50.00/hour View Terms

I have been playing the drums since I was 13 years old. I have a lot of performance experiences a few of them in high profile situations withL Korn, Mudvayne, Earshot, Ill Nino, Otep, In Fear and Faith, to name a few. I have touring experience and am looking to continue touring.
I am looking for a band that is touring and wants to continue touring. I am willing to travel dependent upon the situation with the band.
I have listed what I would prefer the money situation to be but am open for discussion, but specifically looking for a contract.

These are some of my skills:

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Skill Level:
Years Experience:
Skill Level:
Years Experience:
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Primary Contact

Johnny DeGood, 501-504-0278