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I'm looking for a band

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Musician Name

Billy Kremnitzer

Looking For

A band to join.

Artist Classification

Cover Artist and Original Artist

Travel Distance

Within an hour from Hampshire, Illinois

Weekly Availability

Weekdays and Weekends

I am looking for one of two positions:
A lead guitarist position in bands influenced by Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, A Day To Remember, All That Remains, Kilswitch Engage or bands of the sort


A singing/lead vocalist position in bands influenced by Ludo, Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas, Rise Against, Greenday (for the most part), maybe a little bit of Ben Folds Five? that last one is probably out of my vocal range of pitch though so its not too important....

OK so now that I've gotten all of the important stuff out of the way, I'm an eighteen-year-old kid looking for a cool group of people to jam with. I've been playing guitar for about five years, and I've been singing for a year and a half...give or take I suppose. I'm generally pretty laid back, I'll listen to your ideas if you listen to mine for cover songs, originals, live shows...whatever, what have you. I do not care for physical image though. Like "Guys, we need to project what our image is by wearing this" or some crap...not my style. Wear whatcha want and act how you want onstage, as long as its in good taste.

And um...yea thats pretty much what I got goin on

These are some of my skills:

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Skill Level:
Years Experience:
Vocals (Lead)
Skill Level:
Years Experience:

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Years Performing:

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Primary Contact

William Kremnitzer, 630-328-6703

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