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Rock/Metal Drummer New to NOLA

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Musician Name

Jason Levert

Looking For

A band to join.

Artist Classification

Cover Artist and Original Artist

Travel Distance

Within a few hours from Mandeville, Louisiana

Weekly Availability

Weekends and Weeknights

Rock / Metal drummer with years of live and studio experience. Recently moved to NOLA from Indy. Looking to join existing band and gig a couple times to a few times a month. Biggest influences include everyone Tommy Lee & John Bonham to Chris Adler & Mike Portnoy. Couple of nice kits for different setups (dw, Mapex, Ludwig, Zildjian, Sabian), including Roland electronics. Full PA with road cases for crowds up to approx 2000 people.

These are some of my skills:

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Skill Level:
Years Experience:

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Years Performing:

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Primary Contact

Jason Levert, 317-319-9165

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