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We are looking for gigs/venues!

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Band Name

Brother & Sisters

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Dance & Electric and Hip Hop, Rap

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Original Artist

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Any distance from Miami, Florida

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Weekdays, Weekends and Weeknights

Desired Pay

Events: $500.00 - $1000.00, or $100.00/hour View Terms

Brother & Sisters are rap performing artists, who have been performing since childhood. Their members consist of Beyth-shan who is 20 years old, Yehuwdiyth who is 18 years old, Kebar who is 16, and last but not least their little brother Yehuwdah who is 14 years old. They have written and recorded two albums, which will be release on separate dates. Currently they're seeking such opportunities that will help to further their music careers. And this year, they plan on performing and traveling to different cities to promote their soon to be released first Album "Historicism," which comes out this summer. So keep an eye out on them for their latest Album. We love our fans and supporters!!!

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Vocals (Rap)
Vocals (Rap)
Vocals (Rap)
Vocals (Rap)
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Primary Contact

Kebar Yodhhewawhe, 305-634-0283