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Bluegrass 5 string banjo, newbie

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Musician Name

John C Caravello

Looking For

A band to join.

Artist Classification

Original Artist

Travel Distance

Within an hour from Norwood, Massachusetts

Weekly Availability

Weekdays, Weekends and Weeknights

I've been practicing for a few yrs. with online instruction. I'm not very fast but am working on it. If you are a new musician with an interest in bluegrass I'd like to get together to play. Playing with others seems to be the best way to improve.
Looking to play with other banjo, guitar or bass fiddle players. Not looking to make money, just good music. If you are inexperienced and still consider yourself to be a beginner we may be a good fit.

These are some of my skills:

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Skill Level:
Years Experience:

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Years Performing:

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Primary Contact

John Caravello, 781-501-5724

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