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Vocalist Looking for Pop Band

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Musician Name

Brittanie Doles/ Brittanie May

Looking For

A band to join.

Artist Classification

Cover Artist and Original Artist

Travel Distance

Within a few hours from Schoolcraft, Michigan

Weekly Availability

Weekends and Weeknights

My name is Brittanie Doles or you can Call me Brittanie may
im 18 years old
been singing since i was 3 years old
i have had a professional vocal coach for almost a year now
i am very passionate about my singing i have written some songs i just need to put music to them and i am looking for a band that wants to do this for the rest of their lives!

These are some of my skills:

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Vocals (Lead)
Skill Level:
Years Experience:

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Primary Contact

Brittanie Doles, 517-499-9175

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